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Custom jewellery Lethbridge

At Tompkins Jewellers we understand that it’s not uncommon to want your jewellery to reflect your individuality, especially engagement rings and other pieces of jewellery chosen to mark special moments in time. We also understand that sometimes you just can’t find exactly what you are looking for in an oh-so-special engagement ring or you want a unique wedding band that sets your solitaire engagement ring apart from everyone else.

That’s where we come in…Our in house goldsmith has years of experience specializing in the creation of organic and nature inspired designs, along side the rest of the design team that bring their unique design ideas to the table.

The owner’s design direction is more architectural and linear in nature and she finds inspiration in Art Deco pieces from the past, while the other staff designers offer creations with delicate details and sweeping lines all the way to the clean, simple and classic designs.

Whatever your custom jewellery needs are, we invite you to drop into the Lethbridge store or book an appointment to speak with one of our design team members. Below is just a sample of what we have created…

Customized white gold, Emerald cut engagement ring

This beautiful ring was created for a lover of unique diamond shapes.  Again, with a focus on clean lines and simplicity.

Custom White & Rose Gold and Diamond wave ring

This sweet gently curving ring was designed with simplicity in mind.  The diamond is bezel set in rose gold to offer contrast to the white gold band.

Custom Sterling & Diamond crossover bangle

This design of randomly set diamonds takes it’s influence from the bubbles in a glass of champagne.

Custom Ammolite Bangle

This design by Lisa was created to simply highlight the amazing spectrum of colors found in our Southern Alberta gemstone Ammolite.  It takes a seasoned touch to set an Ammolite gemstone as it is a difficult gem to work with, and Scott my goldsmith is a pro at it!

A repurposed diamond from an engagement ring

This simple yet elegant necklace was meant to re-purpose a diamond that was no longer being worn.  A little change can be a great thing!

A computer generated custom design with Opal and Amethyst

Another computer generated photo to show how life like one of the early steps in design can be.  This can take much of the guesswork out of custom designing a cherished piece of jewellery.

A wide Custom Rose Gold, Diamond and Sterling ring

This design was a modification of a design we had done before.  The client wanted something more blingy and wider than our previous design and it turned out spectacular!

A computer render of a custom diamond and ruby ring

This pic is actually a computer generated picture to show how life like and realistic computer aided design can be.

Custom hammered yellow gold 5 bezel Diamond band

This beautiful ring was a remount of a combination of an Old Mine cut center diamond and modern round brilliant side diamonds.  The client wanted the yellow gold shoulders of the mount textured, so a hammered finish was added.  The bezel settings were chosen as this client wanted a low profile comfortable ring to wear & love everyday.

Custom yellow gold 4 diamond ring

We custom made this lovely wide yellow gold ring in order to combine 2 outdated ring styles that a client had and loved for a number of years.  Her vision was of something with clean lines, wide enough to suit her lovely long fingers and easy to wear on a regular basis.

Custom Platinum Princess cut engagement ring

Custom Family necklace in white gold

Custom Sterling Silver and Green Gold Blue Topaz bangle

We decided to mix this design up a bit by using an unusual green gold bezel and marrying it with an oval blue Topaz and hand worked Sterling Silver.

Custom 2 tone Gold Belt ring

This custom design was created as a handmade duplicate in reverse colors.    This design became a symbol of family history as a variation of it has been given to each woman in the family.

14K custom family ring

This sweet custom designed family ring was created for a very special client….each stone represents a special member in a loving family.  We were so honored to be a part of this creation..

Custom 7 Diamond textured band

This custom piece has been a part of our design group for a very long time and you will see it in many variations throughout our photos.  This ring has lovingly been dubbed “The Sister’s Ring” as it was adopted by a group of non-related women who decided to each get an individual variation of it using their own diamonds.  It’s easy to wear and a very comfortable design, and can be made wider or narrower to suit any hand.

Custom Tanzanite & Diamond ring in yellow and white gold

This beautiful design was inspired by the recent push toward negative space.  We love mixing different shapes of diamonds and gemstones as well as the use of mixed metals.

Custom Ametrine & Diamond Ring set in Rose & White Gold

We love working with unusual gemstones, and Ametrine is one of our favorites.  A naturally occurring gemstone that morphs from yellow to purple is definitely an eye catcher!

Custom White Gold & Diamond ring

This 5 diamond bezel set ring is one of my first limited edition piece.  We have reproduced this form with many combinations of diamonds, and even added colored gemstones.  It’s low profile and lack of claws make for a very easy to wear, comfortable ring.

Custom Sterling Silver & Diamond Sunburst pendant

Earlier this year, our goldsmith Scott was longing for the days of summer when he came up with this design.  And he wanted to throw a little twist into the mix and decided to set the diamond up-side-down so the culet (pointed part of the diamond) is facing forward.

Custom white gold, Diamond and Ruby ring

This is a variation of the “Sister’s Ring” with a genuine Ruby added for a 40th wedding anniversary.

Custom Sterling Silver, Yellow Gold and Diamond Bangle

This was Lisa’s first bangle design, and was created for the woman who has difficulty hooking up traditional bracelets.  The design could expand over the hand, and return to it’s rectangular shape once on the wrist.

pear shaped Natural Fancy Pink Diamond halo engagement ring in rose and white gold

This design was created to enhance the natural delicate pink coloration of the pear shaped diamond.  Keeping on trend with delicate diamond studded shoulders this engagement ring is a one of a kind.

Custom white + pink Diamond double halo Engagement ring

This beautiful design was Flo’s first forray into the world of colored diamonds.  Searching for the perfect matched set of natural tiny pink diamonds to surround the 2 carat center diamond was a challenge she was up for.  It was a smashing design and now graces the hand of a lovely woman!

Custom oval Diamond halo engagement ring in White + Rose Gold

Custom Sterling Silver, White Gold & Tanzanite Bangle with stabilizer bar

This bangle was custom designed by and for one of our talented designers, Carey.  It was a compliment to the suite of Tanzanites in her collection.  The super comfortable stabilizer bar was a design feature created by our goldsmith Scott so that it would always remain upright and save the precious gemstone from extra wear and tear.

Custom Bi-colorTourmaline Ring with Baguette Diamonds

Lisa has always had a love of rectilinear designs and this nails it on the head.  An unusual naturally occurring bi-color gemstone paired with sparkling diamonds is all about long clean lines.  Another one-of-a-kind ring.

Custom yellow gold Signet Ring with Diamonds

A very special lady commissioned this piece to utilize three diamonds from 3 separate rings.  This is a contemporary spin inspired by a centuries old signet ring.

Floral inspired Custom designed Diamond band in Rose + White Gold

Floral themes are one of our Goldsmith’s favorite!  The center portion was hand carved in wax, then cast in white gold and soldered to the rose gold bands.

Custom twisted band with Diamonds

This design was created to match an existing engagement ring that did not have a matching wedding band.  The soft, subtle twist is embellished with diamonds 3/4 of the way around, and we are always able to create full eternity bands upon request.

Custom Watermelon Tourmaline Ring

This design was intended to let the unusual nature of the gemstone speak for itself.

Custom Diamond ring

This design was created with wear-ability in mind.  A low profile and the use of negative space make this ring complete without the need for a matching wedding band.

Custom Tanzanite & Diamond ring

This design was inspired by the latest stacking trend.  This ring was originally 3 separate rings, and we decided to mix things up and bond them together.  The bezel settings make for a very low profile, comfortable design, and the blue of the Tanzanites are the highlight!

Custom pendant with colored stones

This was a fun creation with the end goal of combining a bunch of sentimental pieces of jewellery into one colorful pendant.

Custom Princess Cut + Marquise Diamond Ring

This ring is stunning…and one of my favorites!  Carey and her client worked very closely together to create a ring with special details at every turn.  It is even more breathtaking in real life!

Custom Rutilated Quartz Ring

This design was opened up on the side profiles to let more light hit the gemstone as well as lighten the ring, thus reducing the cost.  Out goldsmith is open to finding ways to make a custom design work in your budget.

Custom Blue Topaz Bangle

Our goldsmith Scott working on a custom design

Our goldsmith Scott has a genuine passion for taking a well loved piece of jewellery and returning it to it’s original glory.  He is a perfectionist and always does whatever it takes to ensure a piece upon completion meets with the highest of quality standards.

Our Goldsmith Scott working on a custom design

Hand Carved Wax for Opal

Custom Blue Topaz, Sterling + Yellow gold ring

Scott had a lot of fun putting this design together.  The yellow gold bars hold the gemstone in place which is an unusual twist, along with the specialty cut Topaz.  A one of a kind piece for sure!

Custom Double Diamond ring

This beautiful design was created to utilize a pair of earrings.  Simple yet elegant.

Custom Multi Shape Diamond Eternity Band

This unique design was put together to utilize a grouping of mismatched diamonds.  Creating a design of mixed shapes and sizes can sometimes be a challenge, but in this case – it turned out to be a fun yet elegant creation.

Custom Rose Gold, Diamond + Pink Tourmaline Ring

A traditional halo design with a whimsical side profile of the sun, moon and stars cut-outs that unfortunately you can’t few in this photo.

Custom Blue Topaz ring in Sterling

Scott decided to add some “peek-a-boo” holes on the shoulders of this mount, to lighten it up and make it more comfortable to wear.

Custom Mystic Topaz ring in Yellow gold, Rose gold + Silver

This design has an architectural feel with the rose gold bars mirroring steps on a ladder.  The combination of mixed metals is another favorite twist to many of our designs.

Custom Rose + White Gold Diamond Engagement Ring

This beautiful engagement ring design was a bit of a challenge as the original prototype was not comfortable to wear.  We re-worked the model until the ring felt wonderful and the lovely bride is happy to wear.

Custom Sterling + Yellow Gold Opal ring

This clean and simple design infused mixed metals of Sterling Silver and a hand made bezel of yellow gold with a very unusual Opal that I picked up while in Germany at a gem show featuring Australian Opals.  This particular opal is petrified in stone.

Custom yellow gold Diamond remount

This was designed for a very special client for a very special anniversary.  Combining the diamonds from more than a couple of pieces of jewellery, the client wanted something wearable for everyday, and wide enough so that it did not need another ring to look complete.  The combination of a yellow gold shank paid homage to the past and the white gold halo pays homage to the present.

Custom Vintage Inspired Engagement Ring

Lisa designed this engagement ring with wear-ability in mind.  The center radiant cut diamond is bezel set to maintain a low profile and low maintenance.  The ring looks like it could be from the 1920’s but it is a brand new piece!

Custom 5 Bezel Diamond Ring in white gold

Custom Rose Gold, chocolate Diamond and Topaz ring

Wow- talk about a unique design!  a large central Chocolate Diamond in a cushion shape was our first challenge, but it paid off.  The Blue Topaz accent stones pay homage to a birth month, creating a ring for a very special birthday!

Custom Sterling, Rose Gold + Diamond band

Custom multi-bezel remount

Emerald + Diamond Engagement Ring

This design was created for a special lady as a unique engagement ring.  Emeralds and Diamonds in contrasting shapes is meant to draw the eye in to take a closer look.

Custom Remount Engagement Ring in white gold

Custom multi-bezel Diamond band

Custom School Rings

Custom Dainty Rose Gold + Diamond band

Custom Signet Ring

Custom Fantasy cut Blue Topaz in Sterling ring

A Custom Diamond Ring in progress

Custom multi-Diamond textured band

Custom Triangle Diamond channel set band

Black Opal Seahorse Ring

Turquoise, Sterling + Yellow Gold Custom Ring

Custom Tanzanite Ring

Custom 2 Tone Engagement Ring

Custom Ammolite Ring

Marquise Diamond Ring

Custom Blue Topaz Ring

Platinum, Diamond and Moissanite Ring

Celtic Inspired Custom Garnet Ring

Celtic Inspired Custom Sapphire + Diamond Ring

A celtic inspired custom design..

Classic Princess cut Custom Engagement Ring

Custom Garnet, yellow + white Diamond Ring

Custom Rose and White Gold + Diamond Band

Custom Pink Sapphire + Diamond Engagement Ring

Custom White Gold, Diamond and Pink Sapphire ring


Custom Yellow Gold + Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring

Custom Remount – Diamond Ring – the “Darilyn”


Custom Diamond Engagement Ring

Custom Daughter’s Ring


Custom Ametrine, Sterling + Rose Gold Ring

Custom Double halo Ring


This stunning pendant was created by hand to envelop a genuine boulder Opal from the Cody Opal mine in Australia.  The gold wraps gently around the Opal, which has a tiny color enhanced green Diamond embedded in its’ surface.  Truly a one of a kind piece.


Another original custom design transforming an Australian Cody Opal into a unique pendant.  The hues of blues, purples and green cascade across the piece like the river flows through a valley.



Inspired by nature, this custom made pendant wraps Sterling Silver around a genuine Opal from the Cody Opal mine in Australia.



An Art Deco inspiration, this truly a one of a kind bangle is made of Sterling Silver and Yellow Gold with a genuine triangular cut Diamond.


One of our most popular custom designs, this ring can be made to suit any finger.  The width can span from 3mm to as wide as you desire, with the number of diamonds ranging from 3 on up.  Let your imagination run free with this design and put to use all the old diamonds and gemstones you have accumulated over the years to good use.  Also available in Sterling Silver and White Gold.


A lovely white gold, pave diamond and Tanzanite ring